M2 Marbella


Real estate and special investments exclusively M2Marbella M2Marbella has a wide range of services such as:

Personalized real estate advice.
For optimal sale or rental investment property, adapting the customer profile with the characteristics of the property, thanks to multidisciplinary professional advice.

We are therefore able to make a comprehensive advice on the sale of your property: Mortgage Processing (both for residents in Spain and foreigners), leases, contracts and construction work.

Additional Services

ONDAkONTROL: expert advice on Electromagnetic Fieldss
M2 Marbella belongs to GRUPO DINAMIA available through the brand ONDAkONTROL cabinet expert advice on Electromagnetic fields from towers and electrical installations (low frequency) and mobile telephony, WIFI and microwave (high frequency).

Our team is able to perform measurements of this type of radiation and for advice and acquisition of insulation materials to ensure adequate protection.
The data obtained will be compared to levels existing legal references as well as those recommended by prestigious European associations regarding "Biohabitabilidad" levels.

Visit the ONDAkONTROL website »

Other services:

  • Landscaping Services & Property Maintenance and service home.
  • Insurance Companies
  • Presentations to banks
  • International schools, information
  • Suggestions on the services offered by the territory of the Sunshine Coast, restoration, clubs, gyms, etc.
  • Car & Pleasure boats or deep-sea fishing